Kim Danger, Echo Valley MediaEcho Valley Media, LLC

Echo Valley Media, LLC was formed in 2005 as an umbrella company for Kim Danger’s website/media endeavors.  We are located in Mankato, Minnesota but serve clients throughout the United States.

Kim Danger holds a degree in Business Administration/Marketing from Minnesota State University, Mankato.  She has over eighteen years of social media experience.  Her first website,, was launched in 2000 and has received national recognition on television, radio, and magazines.   In its early days, she grew the forum membership to over 80,000 and has over 95,000 Facebook followers.   Her portfolio of blogs also includes Beach Ready Now, Clean Eating Fix and Frugal Bites.

Her most recent books, Instant Bargains:  600+ Ways to Shrink Your Grocery Bills and Eat Well for Less and The Complete Book of Baby Bargains, were released in 2010.  She is also the author of 1000 Best Baby Bargains.


Consulting Services

Kim has extensive experience working with leading national brands on PR and social media campaigns.  Contact her for more information on how she can help you build your blog or brand.




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