After spending four years in network marketing, I have seen that those who succeed on social media and in blogging as those who know WHO THEY ARE.  They know their personal brand and are constantly refining it.  Everything they write, post about and use to inspire others to action relates back to it.

Let me give you a hint… your message often has very little to do with your product.  It has more to do with your personal STORY and being relatable to others.  As a network marketer, you can’t build a successful blog only around your company’s products only.  For you to be truly successful, you have to brand yourself.

Branding yourself requires that you know your message, you know yourself, and you know your readers.  Blogging gives you a platform in which your readers can get to know you.  Where you can provide resources for them.  Where you become their online friend, their trusted advisor, their cheerleader.  Products don’t have the power to do that.  People do.

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty in defining your brand.  To truly know what to blog about, you must ask yourself these things:

WHAT is your message?

  • What were some of the emotions/thoughts running through your mind before you started using your company’s products?
  • What problems were you having that you wanted to fix?
  • What things got in the way of you and your goal, and how did you find solutions?

These questions are a great starting point to help you hone your message and blog post ideas.  Use your personal story and experiences to illustrate your message and connect with others that feel the same way.

TIP:  Using the the feel, felt, found exercise can help you relate your message to your audience.  Empathize with them.  Tell them how you felt in their situation and that others have felt the same way.  Then, explain how your company offers a solution.

WHO needs to hear your message?

The more specific you can be with this, the more clear your market becomes.


  • What are the demographic characteristics of your target audience?  Age, income, education level, etc.?
  • What is their family situation?  Single, married, divorced, kids?
  • What are some of her issues, problems? What keeps her up at night?  What does she struggle with during the day?  What are her interests, hobbies, and passions?  (psychographics)
  • What sets you apart and makes you unique from other reps in your company?

Think of the answers to these questions as ONE PERSON that fits your target demographic entirely.  Who is this person?  You may even want to name him/her.  Let’s call her Jennifer.  When you write your blog posts, you will be writing with Jennifer in mind.  She is your AVATAR.


Now that you have the answers to these questions, you can write blogs posts that provide answers to your avatar’s pressing questions.  Helping them solidifies your role as trusted advisor.  Relating to their emotions, fears and thoughts builds empathy and connection.  Once you build trust and connection, your audience is much more likely to be interested in the solutions you have to offer (your product).



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