What is the purpose of my blog?

After spending four years in network marketing, I have seen that those who succeed on social media and in blogging as those who know WHO THEY ARE.  They know their personal brand and are constantly refining it.  Everything they write, post about and use to inspire others to action relates back to it. Let me give… Read More

What is the purpose of my blog?

I often have friends come to me ask for help in choosing a name for their brand.  It’s a tough decision. Nobody wants to screw it up!  However, while your URL doesn’t always make or break your business, there are some really important things to consider before you choose one. Choose a .com As you brand… Read More

What is the purpose of my blog?

When people read your blog posts, does your personality shine?  Photos and videos are great to use to communicate your personality, which you can and should definitely incorporate into your blog.  However, learning how to craft the written word while staying true to yourself is a little bit tougher – but an absolute necessity. Why?… Read More

When you’re in a competitive blogging niche like most of us are, the best way to set yourself apart is by infusing your personality into every post, tweet, pin, and Instagram pic. Being authentically YOU not only boosts engagement, it connects you with your audience and allows you to attract like-minded fans. Be YOURSELF Be… Read More

What is the purpose of my blog?

  In 2005, I stumbled upon “author” status, simply by chance.  At that time, I was writing for my website, Mommysavers.com.  I was not actively seeking out a book deal.  But, I had actually been in the process of writing my book for over five years (unwittingly) when an agent contacted me.  My story is an example of… Read More

Finding your blogging voice

  Who ARE you?  Finding your original blogging voice What prompted you to start blogging?  Your personal story can help you define your target demographic and pinpoint your audience.  For me, the last blog I started beachreadynow.com was prompted by a passion for fitness, as well as a desire help others in their fitness journey.… Read More

What is the purpose of my blog?

  What is the purpose of your blog? So, you want to be a blogger.  It is a great gig if you can pull it off.  You’ll have low overhead, freedom of expression and lots of cool opportunities for travel and meeting new people if your audience reaches critical mass.  However, becoming a successful blogger… Read More

ashley coombe - social media scheduling and time management

Social Media Scheduling Process Earlier this week, I attended Think Tank – a great networking event for social media/affiliate marketers in Charlotte, North Carolina.  While there, I sat in on a presentation by Ashley Coombe of Shareist.com.  Ashley isn’t just a super-savvy social media maven, she takes piano requests and knows how to have SERIOUS… Read More

You link to your blog, and for some reason the image it pulls is not what you wanted – you’re not sure why.  Facebook uses something called Open Graph to determine the description and image it pulls based on the coding of your site.  You can check to see what each of your blog pages will display… Read More

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Blog To use Pinterest to market your business, you can’t simply have an account and use it occasionally.  You will have to actively pin other pins, and create visually appealing pins for your own blog posts, pin and repin often, as well as engage with other Pinterest users.… Read More