Set Yourself Apart Whatever business you are in, chances are there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands other reps in your industry.  What makes you special?  It’s important to differentiate yourself from the masses; especially if you plan on using social media as a marketing platform.  It’s your competitive advantage, and it’s what you… Read More

Instagram Color Wheel Post Ideas

How do you find people on Instagram to connect with when you’re involved in network marketing?  It is pretty easy, but typically doesn’t involve talking about your product at all.  It involves being authentically you first, and having your product come second. First of all, creating a compelling instagram following requires you to identify your target… Read More

If you’re in network marketing, you are in competition with everyone else selling the same product you are. That can be an overwhelming thought to grapple with, especially if you’re in a popular network.  It used to be that geography was the main determinant of your success.  If there was another Avon lady on the… Read More

What is the purpose of my blog?

After spending four years in network marketing, I have seen that those who succeed on social media and in blogging as those who know WHO THEY ARE.  They know their personal brand and are constantly refining it.  Everything they write, post about and use to inspire others to action relates back to it. Let me give… Read More

The simple 3-step process below can help you build your network marketing business, as long as you have a strong product that you believe in and solves a real problem for you and for others.  Too often, network marketers overcomplicate their methods and look for a “magic bullet” technique in their business.  The truth is,… Read More