Instagram Color Wheel Post Ideas

How do you find people on Instagram to connect with when you’re involved in network marketing?  It is pretty easy, but typically doesn’t involve talking about your product at all.  It involves being authentically you first, and having your product come second. First of all, creating a compelling instagram following requires you to identify your target… Read More

 Do you describe 2-3 interests  within your niche in your profile? This tells people what to expect when they follow you. Give yourself a point.  Do you have posts about EACH of those interests  in your last 12 posts? Give yourself a point for each one. Do you have a link to your blog, FB… Read More

When you’re in a competitive blogging niche like most of us are, the best way to set yourself apart is by infusing your personality into every post, tweet, pin, and Instagram pic. Being authentically YOU not only boosts engagement, it connects you with your audience and allows you to attract like-minded fans. Be YOURSELF Be… Read More

Five Ways to Build Your Instagram Following (for Fitness Bloggers) Use hashtags on your Instagram images. Generally, 3-5 is good. Below I’ve listed some popular fitness-related hashtags. Create a hashtag for your blog and use it on every fitness-related post. Mine is #beachreadynow. Avoid placing too many hashtags on your image caption. Instead, post them… Read More

tsu social network

It’s no secret that I’ve been disillusioned with Facebook for quite a while.  Ever since their IPO back in May 2012, the social media giant has had to answer to investors and generate money (which I don’t fault them for).  However, in the process it feels like they’ve lost the essence of what made them popular… Read More

ashley coombe - social media scheduling and time management

Social Media Scheduling Process Earlier this week, I attended Think Tank – a great networking event for social media/affiliate marketers in Charlotte, North Carolina.  While there, I sat in on a presentation by Ashley Coombe of  Ashley isn’t just a super-savvy social media maven, she takes piano requests and knows how to have SERIOUS… Read More

Minnesota State University Mankato Social Media Marketing

I participated in a great panel discussion on Social Media yesterday at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Seven professionals in social media spoke to MSUM marketing students about potential career opportunities in social media.  For me personally, it was interesting to hear how other companies are implementing social media in customer outreach programs.  Everyone on the… Read More

You link to your blog, and for some reason the image it pulls is not what you wanted – you’re not sure why.  Facebook uses something called Open Graph to determine the description and image it pulls based on the coding of your site.  You can check to see what each of your blog pages will display… Read More


Create a Compelling Facebook Page that Gets Likes Now that you have your Facebook page set up (How to set up your Facebook page), let’s get it ready for public viewing.  If someone were to click on it for the first time, is what they find what you want them to see?  Does it represent… Read More