How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Blog To use Pinterest to market your business, you can’t simply have an account and use it occasionally.  You will have to actively pin other pins, and create visually appealing pins for your own blog posts, pin and repin often, as well as engage with other Pinterest users.… Read More

What is the Difference Between a Page and a Group on Facebook? In the Facebook world, pages and groups serve different purposes, but both can be useful for brand identity and community building.  The page is a good spot for updates and notices related to your brand.  A group is a good spot for casual conversation… Read More

Scheduling and Automating Social Media Posts Consistency is one of the keys to building your reputation as a professional blogger.  If someone visits your blog and sees it hasn’t been updated in a week or two, will they think you are a serious about your business?  Likely not.  The same goes for your social media… Read More

Something interesting happened in Social Media in 2013.  For many lifestyle blogs, Pinterest surpassed Facebook in referral traffic.  With the recent algorithm changes with Facebook,  investing more of your social media time in Pinterest is definitely a good strategy.  Here are some easy ways to use Pinterest to your advantage.   Naming Your Pinterest Boards… Read More

In early December 2013, Facebook delivered a cold “Merry Christmas” to bloggers and social media professionals by tweaking their every-chaning algorithm yet again.  This time, the algorithm change resulted in the most sudden and drastic drop in reach pages had ever seen.  My own page, Mommysavers, was used to enjoying a nice reach of 20-40%… Read More

After building my collective Mommysavers/Targetsavers Facebook audience to over 150K followers, I’ve learned that it’s not enough to simple have a page and post to it every so often.  Building a quality page is both a science and an art.   It’s something Facebook calls “Edgerank” and if you market your business through social channels,… Read More

Lately, there has been a growing trend on Facebook that is making bloggers very unhappy.  New recipe, craft and DIY sharing pages are being set up for the sole purpose of building their membership base quickly.  They are using (stealing) content created by bloggers and posting it on their pages, along with copyrighted content and… Read More