Create a Compelling Facebook Page that Gets Likes

Now that you have your Facebook page set up (How to set up your Facebook page), let’s get it ready for public viewing.  If someone were to click on it for the first time, is what they find what you want them to see?  Does it represent what you are all about?  Your Facebook page is your chance to make a great first impression with your followers.

Description and About

Make sure the description of your page includes the following:  The purpose of your page, who it is intended for, and a compelling reason to “like” the page.  This should be short, succinct, and to the point.  In the “About” section you’ll be able to go into greater detail about your site, your mission, and what you are all about.


Images are a great way to illustrate what your page is about.  Do you have a good profile image and cover photo? I recommend avoiding mentioning anything that looks too salesy.  This is about YOU as a wellness – not Beachbody. is a spot where you can create a Facebook-friendly cover graphic.  Just click on collage, then select the photos you’d like to work with.  Next, choose layouts → Pinterest cover.  Organize and add text to create a visually appealing cover image.


Have you linked to your blog posts?  Are there other articles you can link to that your audience would find useful and relevant?  Link to them as well.  Provide value to your audience.


Now that your page is ready, invite your friends to “like” it.  Remember, when it comes to Facebook, the quality of your group’s members is more important than quantity.  Invite friends who are truly interested and will engage with what you post.  This could include friends who are actively involved in fitness, those who are new and may need support, as well as friends and family who have supported you in your fitness journey.

Did you know that once you reach 25 likes you can get a custom Facebook Web Address (URL) for your page? Make that a goal! Once you attain that number, go into the Admin Panel of your page. Next, click on EDIT and General Settings –> Web Address.




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