“But nobody liked or commented on my post!”  This is a really common problem, especially with new network marketers.  It can be frustrating trying to get attention in a crowded social media world.  However, following these five simple guidelines will help you gain more traction for your posts.

1. Your posts may not be PERSONAL enough. Your friends know the real you, so copying/pasting anything your upline suggests without really putting your own spin on it may come off as inauthentic. When possible, use your own words, photos, and emotions.

2. You aren’t first interacting with others. Before you post, ask yourself this question: What if the only people that saw your posts were those you had interacted with on Facebook in the past 24-48 hours? What if, in order for them to see what YOU have posted, you would have first been required to interact with them? Use that as a guide to knowing who will ACTUALLY see your posts, because that’s a big part of how the FB algorithm works. FB sees who is engaging with each other and will show them your posts if you’ve proven to have an existing relationship.

3. The ONLY thing you post about on Facebook is your product. People bore quickly if you’re a one-trick pony. You have to show MORE of yourself and your real life in order for others to feel connected to you. Plus, always trying to “sell” something is a quick way to get blocked or unfriended. For every one product post, make sure you have 3 or 4 posts (or more!) that are completely unrelated.  A great book to read on this topic is Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk.

4. You are relying on your “Like” page (also known as a Business Page). Sadly, if you are doing that you’re likely to get NO traction, at least at first. In the Facebook marketing world you have to pay to play. Facebook “Like” pages are a great way to expand into your cold market and target a specific niche through paid ads. But, using it for general call to action posts is not going to work too well, unless you already have a solid, engaged and BIG following.

5. There is no simple call to action or way to gain traction for your post.  Before you post, what will you ask people to do to “bump” the post into the newsfeed?  Facebook favors posts that get a lot of likes, comments and interactions.  If your post doesn’t generate any of those things, it will likely flop. Sometimes you have to outright ask for them for interaction, or ask a direct question. Examples: “drop a .gif below” or “which areas do you need most help (then offer an A, B, or C option)” etc.


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