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Whatever business you are in, chances are there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands other reps in your industry.  What makes you special?  It’s important to differentiate yourself from the masses; especially if you plan on using social media as a marketing platform.  It’s your competitive advantage, and it’s what you need to refine if your desire is to go from good to great.

Where your interests intersect with your ability is that sweet spot.  It’s what makes you unique, it helps you refine your personal brand, and is your competitive advantage.  When you hit it, you’re capitalizing on your strengths and using your interests to fuel your fire to excel.  Plus, you’re bringing joy to the experience that will sustain in you in the long run.

Interests and Passion

What are you interested in?  These are the topics that light your soul on fire, the ones you never tire learning more about, and likely what brought you to this opportunity in the first place.  If you’re into fashion, do you love boots?  Is your closet filled with them, and you can’t stop searching for that new, perfect pair? If cosmetics are your thing, do love looking at photos of the perfect eye shadow application?  Maybe it’s holistic wellness.  Are you passionate about how to concoct your own tinctures at home, and interested in creative uses for essential oils and their affect on your well-being?  Think about specific topics that excite you.  Make a list.

It’s just as important to make a list of what others in your industry are doing that you don’t like.  What you avoid doing can be just as important in your brand as what you do.  Doing things that suck your soul will make you resent this job.

If your company offers the ability to sell supplements as well as beauty products, but you know nothing about applying makeup nor do you care to learn, don’t force it.  Focus on the part of the product line that attracted you to the business in the first place.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t branch out and try new things, because I firmly believe a network marketer should possess knowledge about and experience with all aspects of their brand, but it doesn’t have to be their sweet spot.

Keep this in mind:  You don’t have to be all things to all people.  When you try to be a people pleaser, you lose your authenticity. Plus, you don’t have time to do everything well.  By picking a few key areas of focus, ones that you truly love — you can refine what you’re good at and attract others who are into the same thing.

Skills and Ability

Next, let’s look at what you’re good at.  Directing your efforts towards the areas that match your skills is critical for maintaining motivation.   When your passion is aligned with natural ability, you’ve got a recipe for success.   We’re more likely to enjoy things we’re good at, thus we spend more time doing them.  That allows us to make progress where others have failed.

If you hate the thought of making videos but are excellent at writing, you may be best suited to blogging rather than YouTube.  Or, maybe you can’t string a coherent sentence together to save your life, but you love talking.  You just could be the next star of Instagram TV.  The point is, you’re more likely to enjoy things that come easily to you.  Over time, doing things you enjoy will help you stick to your craft, fine-tune your skills and become better than your competition.

The Sweet Spot

Once you pinpoint what you love and what you can do better than your competition, you’ve identified your sweet spot.  That’s not to say it can’t change.  In fact, it should change.  If you are growing and evolving, your business needs to as well.  Plus, trial and error will help you fine-tune your personal brand as you go along.  You’ll find that certain things you post about resonate with your readers and followers more than other things.  Take note!  Do more of that.  The stuff that falls flat may have to be reduced or eliminated as well.  Think of this as a process.  One of personal growth that aligns with business growth.

Credit: This blog post was inspired by a passage in Atomic Habits by James Clear.  If this resonated with you, I highly recommend picking up a copy!



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