QUESTION: HELP! I hired someone to work on my blog, and it doesn’t generate traffic! What’s wrong?

ANSWER: Did you hire him/her to do SEO? If you make a blog look “pretty” it won’t do anything for you traffic-wise. You have to market it yourself, consistently add content and really work for it to gain traction.

To really leverage your blog, you have to blog regularly and consistently. To use SEO and content to gain traffic (SEM), you have to do keyword research and target low-competition, long-tail keywords at first, then as your site builds momentum, and starts ranking for certain keyword phrases, add more. This can take blogging weekly for a 3-6 months, blogging daily for 90 days, etc. Basically, you have to consistently add content. Then, you have to regularly maintain that content by adding more relevant blog posts, linking back to the old ones, and updating the old posts when necessary.

You also have to market your content on social media, a process known as social media marketing (SMM). This means pinning blog posts to your Pinterest accounts, tweeting them out on Twitter, posting them on Facebook, sharing them via Google+. If you just post and do nothing else, your posts will exist in a “vacuum” and nobody will see them. Also, make sure your blog posts also have social sharing buttons on them, so your followers on various social platforms will see them. If you are a WordPress user, there are many social sharing plugins you can use, such as Social Warfare (which is what this blog uses).

Generating traffic with a blog is not difficult, but it’s time-consuming and takes a lot of upkeep. With a solid editorial calendar based on topics relevant to your niche, long-tail keyword research and marketing funnels, you can keep your traffic rolling in consistently.

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