What is the Difference Between a Page and a Group on Facebook?

In the Facebook world, pages and groups serve different purposes, but both can be useful for brand identity and community building.  The page is a good spot for updates and notices related to your brand.  A group is a good spot for casual conversation and user-generated content.  If you’re not sure which to use, I’d recommend starting with the page.  With the page, you will be able to create a Facebook widget for your blog so that visitors can “like” you on Facebook).

Create Your Facebook Page

Below, I’ll outline what you need to know when you create a Facebook page for your blog.  If possible, name it the same thing as you named your blog to reinforce your brand identity.   Here’s how to create a new Facebook page:

  • Go to this page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/
  • Choose a category for your page (I chose “Cause or Community” for mine) and enter the name in the box and click the blue “Get Started” button
  • Follow the Facebook prompts to finish your page by entering a description and uploading a profile and cover image that best describes what your page is about

When to Invite Friends

I tend to wait until I have at least a full page of content before inviting friends to my pages.  Add at least 7-10 posts that are representative of what your page will be about.  If you invite your friends and they see a blank page, how will they know what your page is all about? After you’ve created your page, you can share links to your blog post on it.

Be Consistent with Content

Plan on posting to your Facebook page on a daily basis.  Whenever you create a new blog post, share it on Facebook.  Whenever you think of a discussion topic, use it to engage your audience.  Can’t think of anything to post?  It doesn’t have to be your own blog material.  It could be an article relevant to your brand, a funny picture, a motivational quote, or anything else your audience will find relevant.

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