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I participated in a great panel discussion on Social Media yesterday at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Seven professionals in social media spoke to MSUM marketing students about potential career opportunities in social media.  For me personally, it was interesting to hear how other companies are implementing social media in customer outreach programs.  Everyone on the panel had unique experiences and qualifications.  Among the panelists:

Social Media Marketing MSUM Panel

Social Media Marketing Panel Discussion – MSUM

Some of the key points the panelists agreed upon included:

Know Your Target Market

Being carefully tuned in to your target market will help you deliver effective messages to potential clients.  You can use analytics to determine such affinity groups. Often, you’ll have more than one.  Whenever delivering a message through social media, keep that potential customer in mind.  Would they find that message to be of value?

Engage Your Audience

Social media is labeled as SOCIAL because it’s a two-way street.  It’s meant to engage your readers.  Too often, businesses use their Facebook pages as a sales pitch. What happens when you try to constantly try to sell something? People tune out. Instead, use your social platforms to develop relationships with your audience.

Social Media Should Be Used Holistically

Social media campaigns should support a business’ overall goals, and not be used in a vacuum.  It’s an effective tool to support other initiatives in PR, advertising, and philanthropy.

Don’t Be All Things to All People

You don’t have to be on every social channel, nor should you be.  Most brands really perform best when they concentrate on 2-3 social platforms and do them well, rather than try to be on each one in a limited capacity.  Which social channels your brand is on really depends on your target demographic and which social channels they use most frequently.

You can view the entire Panel Discussion on Video HERE

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