7-Step Copywriting ProcessWhen you’re in network marketing, you’re often among thousands of others in your industry selling the same product.  Using your words to create compelling copy is key.  Having the answers to these seven questions can help set yourself apart from the pack and create copy that generates sales.

1. Who are you trying to help?  When we try to be all things to everybody, we turn out to be nothing to nobody.  In network marketing, you’re far better off serving a specific niche of people rather than the masses. The more those people are similar to you, the better they’ll be able to relate to you.  Those similarities and connecting points will help build rapport and trust. Make sure your copy makes that clear.

2.  What is the problem you can help your prospect solve?  Here, you’re defining the problem or situation that your customer has, that only your product can help with.  Be clear and descriptive about the problem.

3.  What are their pain points, emotions around that problem? In your writing, empathize, prove that you “get” their struggle.  Either because you’ve been there yourself, or you’ve helped others in that situation.

4. How can you help solve the problem?  You, as a network marketer, have a solution for them.  What is it?  Here, you need to get specific, describing what the reader can expect when using your product or service.  What will using the product look like, how will it feel, and what will be the outcomes?

5.  What is your value advantage?  How do you set YOURSELF apart from others doing the same thing?  You can also include testimonials here, if using a blog or landing page.  Or, you can describe techniques and strategies you use that nobody else does.  How will you offer superior service?

6.  How can you demonstrate scarcity and/or urgency?  Do you have a limited number of items left?  Is the sale only during a specific timeframe?  Why does he or she need to act NOW?  Tell them.

7.  What is your call to action? What do you want the reader to do in order to respond to your offer?  Send you an email, fill out a form, or comment on a post?  Be clear.

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