If you’re like most network marketers, you have goals, but you also have limited time.  Your “side hustle” will only generate income if you focus on the right tasks.  It’s easy to be busy, not as easy to be truly productive.  Here are some tips to keep you on task:

1.  You NEED to set business hours.  How many hours per day will you spend on your business?  What hours will you designate to your work?  If you treat your business like a hobby, you’ll get paid like a hobby.

2.  Be intentional with your time. When you sit down to work, which tasks absolutely need to get done?  Set priorities.  Do the important things first, especially the things you avoid because they’re not fun.  Check them off the list first then move on to other things.

3.  If you are marketing your business on social media, learn the difference between productive and non-productive tasks.

Toying around in canvas or making pretty pictures
Scrolling the IG/FB feeds without purpose

SOMEWHAT Productive:
Supporting current customers by reaching out to them
Creating general social media posts that don’t have a purpose or are not directed to your niche

Consuming more training without putting it into practice

VERY Productive:
Messaging people directly to invite to your business opportunity or tell them about your product
Adding niche-specific people to your network and getting to know them
Daily posts targeted to your niche (emotional needs, with a direct call to action)

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