How do you find people on Instagram to connect with when you’re involved in network marketing?  It is pretty easy, but typically doesn’t involve talking about your product at all.  It involves being authentically you first, and having your product come second.

First of all, creating a compelling instagram following requires you to identify your target niche.  Then, using that framework, you will create posts that resonate with them.  You must also represent that niche. After all, if you are selling fashion to women over 40 it helps to actually BE a woman over 40.  Next, you will set about to offer Instagram content that will resonate with them, add value and build trust.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Who are the people in my target market, specifically?
2. What are their unique struggles?
3. How can you relate to them?
4. Why do you want to help them?
5, How can you help them and offer value?
6. What are some brands, hobbies, interests they have?
7. What are some hashtags they would follow, relating back to the questions above? 

If you follow this method, there is NEVER a shortage of people you can connect with!

Make sure that you also gear your own Instagram posts around these topics so they can see you (build frequency of interaction), relate to you (by you posting about common interests, struggles) and then connect with you.  When selling a product through network marketing, it’s crucial that you demonstrate you are more than just your brand.  You are a person with varied interests, challenges and things to offer.  Through those other things, you will often attract similar people to you.  Once you build a connection, your target market will be more receptive to your message.

I use the color wheel method when posting on my Instagram.  Because I have several lifestyle brands, I want to portray who I am yet have a consistent message.  This guides my Instagram Feed Posts as well as what I post on my Instagram Story.

Kim’s Color Wheel:

Instagram Color Wheel Post Ideas

Here is a blank color wheel you can download and fill out:

Kim's Color Wheel (1)

For each aspect of your color wheel, you can come up with a set of hashtags.  For example, I am a plant-based foodie.  For me, that means that I’m always looking for recipes that are quick and easy, but taste good that are primarily veggie-based.  Often, that means they’re vegan.  So, on my phone I keep this list of hashtags in my notes section to simplify adding them every time I create a plant-based foodie post:

Plant-Based Foodie Hashtag Ideas:

#veganrecipes #veganrecipeideas#plantbasedrecipes #plantbasedpower#plantbasedfoods #plantbasedfoodie#eattherainbow

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