how to automate social media posts

Scheduling and Automating Social Media Posts

Consistency is one of the keys to building your reputation as a professional blogger.  If someone visits your blog and sees it hasn’t been updated in a week or two, will they think you are a serious about your business?  Likely not.  The same goes for your social media channels such as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram Google+ and Facebook.  Are your pages a ghost town?  There is no reason they should be with all the great tools and apps that let you automate posting and social posts.  Simply sitting down for an hour each week to schedule posts takes the burden of being connected all the time off your hands.  Here are some tools and apps to consider using:

Hootsuite – A pioneer in the auto-posting arena, Hootsuite is a great for connecting and scheduling posts on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  Plus, it allows you to follow certain hashtags for easy retweeting. – This is a great tool to use for Instagram.  Look for it in the app store for your Apple and Android devices as well as desktop.  Upload and tag images, schedule them to post at various times during the day via your phone or desktop computer.

Co-Schedule – Co-Schedule is a virtual calendar that connects with WordPress blogs for easy scheduling and maintaining a virtual post calendar.

Viralwoot – Viralwoot allows you to schedule Pinterest pins for peak times (evenings, I find, are the best).  A social currency is used here – known as “seeds”.  You can either earn seeds by liking and repining other pins, or purchasing them.

Buffer –  Buffer is another service that allows you to connect with multiple social networking platforms for scheduling.  Analytics are also available.

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  • I didn’t know about Viralwoot! I am nearing the end of my trial with CoSchedule, and am planning to upgrade once my trial is through. This is great info, thanks!

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