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Social Media Scheduling Process

Earlier this week, I attended Think Tank – a great networking event for social media/affiliate marketers think tank SAS 2014 game nightin Charlotte, North Carolina.  While there, I sat in on a presentation by Ashley Coombe of  Ashley isn’t just a super-savvy social media maven, she takes piano requests and knows how to have SERIOUS fun (see photo, right).

As a busy wife, mom, and blogger managing multiple sites, her tips really resonated with me.  My time is precious, and often it’s hard to get everything I need to get accomplished done in what limited time I have. Ashley shared advice on how to manage multiple blogs and social media accounts in 30 minutes a day on a day-by-day basis.  Here are my notes from her presentation.  Hopefully it speaks to you as well.


Read content from your sources (Memes, quotes, RSS feed) and go through captured content and curate what your audience may want to see.  Schedule items (along with your unique perspective) throughout the week.

Tools:  Buffer, Hootsuite, Shareist

Time: 30 minutes



Log in to your social media accounts and respond to your readers.  Spend time developing relationships with influencers as well as your own audiences.  Use hashtags and first names when applicable.  Like, comment, share, compliment, thank people.

Time:  15 minutes

Look over what is trending in the items you have scheduled to share.  Is there a big idea that you could develop a unique piece of content out of?  Review your editorial calendar and these trending items fit in with your overall plan.  Based on what you see, begin to develop ideas for unique content for your blog.

Time spent:  15 minutes



Create a topic-based blog post based on curated content.  Include your own previously written content.   Look for similar articles to link back to as supporting advice.  (Note:  Curation means that you are really putting your personality and own spin into someone else’s content.  It will reflect your own expert voice.)

Time spent: 30 minutes



Look back at what was trending throughout the week and write your own unique piece about it.  Shut your door and spend time writing your blog posts.

Time spent:  30 minutes



Look back at your social platform analytics and see what readers are engaging with:  likes, comments, shares:  which were the hottest topics?

Spend 10 minutes creating a wrap-up post from your most clicked articles from the previous week and distribute it.  Use the remaining time to look over feedback, questions, and concerns.  Are there any ideas here for content?  Add them to your editorial calendar.  Look over posts from the past week.  What did your audience like best?  Images?  recipes?  Memes?

Time spent:  30 minutes


Saturday & Sunday

Get a jump on the following week by reading and capturing ideas for curating and creating.  Read every day and capture interesting content ideas.  Jot those ideas down.

Time spent: 30 minutes


Follow Ashley on Twitter: @AshleyBCoombe

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