It’s great to showcase your lifestyle on social media so your contacts identify you are their go-to person for support – whether it’s in the clothing business, health and wellness arena, or cosmetics industry. That means posting about how you use your products, and showcasing them in an authentic way. Social media is your virtual storefront. If you don’t remind people about your business, they won’t realize or remember that it exists. BUT… are you adding VALUE in your posts?

When I think of adding value, it means you are providing practical solutions and advice that someone can actually USE in their lives. It’s not all about “Look at me!” it’s more like “This will help YOU”.   The “Look at me!” posts can raise awareness, but pushing people to the tipping point of purchase they also need to be able to trust you.  Offering value and support is a great way to build it.  Be SERVICE oriented in your business and watch it take off!

Here are some examples:


  • Recipes. If you discover an amazing way to make Brussels sprouts taste great, share it!
  • Books. Did you read a book that rocked your world, and helped with a certain “weak spot” in your mindset? What was the name of it and how did it change you for the better after reading it? Share!
  • Workouts. Did you find a great way to modify a move to make it easier for someone with weak knees or joint issues? Share!
  • Meal plans. Are you a busy mom who discovered a way to make menu planning easier, with an app, a grocery delivery service, etc.? What was it? Share!
  • Family hacks. Did you discover a way to get your son to eat his veggies? Share!
  • Consistency. How do you stay on track with your workouts? Do you have a special secret to timing, habit formation, or rewarding yourself? Share!


  • Cosmetics. Did you find a great way to prevent eyeshadow from rubbing off, or for your lipstick to last longer?  Share!
  • Anti-aging.  What is your best secret for looking younger?  Share!
  • Haircare.  Do you have a certain way you blow-dry hair to add volume?  Share!


  • Must-haves.  What are your top five fashion must-haves for this season?  Share!
  • Fashion Faux-pas.  What are some common mistakes women are making with their wardrobes?  Share!
  • Looking your best. Which clothing is most flattering for certain body types?  Share!
  • Finding deals.  What are some of your favorite bricks-and-mortar stores to find deals?  Share!

This book is AMAZING:  The Go Giver  If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it as a basis for your business.  Those that succeed in network marketing NEED that secret sauce to set themselves apart from others in their industry.  Being of service to your customers and adding value to your lives is the best way to do that.

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