The simple 3-step process below can help you build your network marketing business, as long as you have a strong product that you believe in and solves a real problem for you and for others.  Too often, network marketers overcomplicate their methods and look for a “magic bullet” technique in their business.  The truth is, the message behind your network marketing business should be SIMPLE.  If you solve a problem or meet a need for yourself, and can help others do the same thing, you can duplicate your process.  After all, success in network marketing means growing a team that is duplicating the steps you take to successfully solve a problem.

1.  Solve a Problem or Meet a Need
Your first step should be to clearly identify the problem that your product solves.  Not just the surface-level problem, but the emotions and struggles surrounding it.   Let’s say your product is a skincare product that helps erase fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles.  You’ve tried the product, it works for you, and you’re excited about it.  You decide to opt in to the VIP program and get your skincare regime at a discount.   Why did you purchase the product to begin with?  The problem, at its root, is emotional.  Let’s look at it from a customer avatar standpoint.  Your customer avatar, Jennifer, is starting to visibly look older.  She’s in her mid-40s, and has put on some weight, doesn’t feel as attractive as she used to be. The tiny lines around her eyes are the only thing she sees when she looks in the mirror.  She feels less confident, less sure of herself.  It’s starting to have a ripple effect on how she presents herself, how she sees her own self-image.  You’re not really selling a skincare product, you’re selling confidence.

2.  Share Your Story
Now that Jennifer is using the product and its working for her, she starts to tell others about it.  She shares her own story in person and on social media.  She doesn’t just provide product information, but the reasons why she tried the product to begin with.  She share her struggles with feeling older, her frustration with trying products that didn’t work for her, and her satisfaction with what she’s using now.  Her personal story helps others who are also struggling the confidence issues related to aging truly relate to her.  They see the ripple effect story of her enhanced self-confidence as well and begin to trust her advice.  Her friends start to use the product as well, and have similar results.

3.  Duplicate the Process
Now that Jennifer is helping other women in her age group get amazing results with their skincare, to improve their self-esteem and confidence, she can teach them how to duplicate her business processes.  She shows them to take steps #1 and #2 above and share with their own circle of friends and social networks.  That’s when her business truly starts to scale and grow.

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