What is the purpose of my blog?


What is the purpose of your blog?

So, you want to be a blogger.  It is a great gig if you can pull it off.  You’ll have low overhead, freedom of expression and lots of cool opportunities for travel and meeting new people if your audience reaches critical mass.  However, becoming a successful blogger takes quite a bit of hard work and planning.  A lot of that planning should take place before you even write your first word or press the “publish” button.

When you start your blog, the first question you should ask yourself is this:  What is the purpose of your blog?   How will my blog help serve the needs of others, and what will that look like?  People go into blogging for many reasons.

  • As a creative outlet for personal expression (hobby blogs, op-ed blogs, writers’ blogs – those looking for book deals)
  • To engage with readers (family blogs, support blogs)
  • To establish authority on a certain topic (fashion blogs, tech blogs, etc)
  • For brand awareness or presence (dental offices, car dealerships, etc)
  • To sell a product (eCommerce)
You can probably think of a few random other things to add to the list (feel free to add them in the comments below). While this is by no means an exhaustive list, most blogs fall into the categories listed here (or a combination thereof).
Notice I did not add “to make money” to the list.  That should not be the main purpose of your blog.  Do most bloggers want to make money?  Of course they do.  However, that is secondary to the main role their blogs will play in others’ lives.   That is the key question you have to ask yourself.  How will my blog help my readers solve a problem?  What is that problem?  Once you clarify that, you will be able to better define how you can monetize your traffic.

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