I often have friends come to me ask for help in choosing a name for their brand.  It’s a tough decision. Nobody wants to screw it up!  However, while your URL doesn’t always make or break your business, there are some really important things to consider before you choose one.

Choose a .com

As you brand yourself, people will look for your site using a .com extension. It appears more professional, and lends more credibility to your brand.  Select one where not just the .com is still available, but the Twitter handle, Facebook vanity URL and other social networks. It used to be that Google favored .com URLs over .org, .net and .tv .food, etc, but that’s no longer the case. Plus, while it’s not required that .org extensions are nonprofits, they are generally associated with them which may be misleading for your clientele.


People have bad memories. If you choose a name that is hard to remember, you could lose traffic.  This is one of the biggest mistakes I see new bloggers make.  They choose blogs with too many words, words that are hard to pronounce, and they’re bland and generic.  Keep it simple.  Also, keep it SHORT.  Will that name easily fit on business cards, t-shirts or mugs?

Don’t pigeonhole yourself

I have been guilty of this in the past, most recently with my fitness blog.  I am very passionate about helping women over 40.  Thank GOD “Fit Over 40″ was taken.  Why?  Now, half of my clientele is in their 20s and 30s. I would have completely screwed myself over on that one.  Choose a URL that has enough flexibility to allow yourself to blog about everything you want to talk about.

Is it Registered?

Save yourself loads of time by checking GoDaddy or BlueHost to see if the URL you love has already been registered.  Nine times out of ten it has.  Don’t fall in love with a name just to find that it’s been snapped up already.

Avoid copyright issues

If the .com is taken aleady, there is also a good chance that brand has been copyrighted or trademarked which could cause problems down the road.  Do your due diligence and peek around the internet to see if the name you love is already taken.

Register other extensions and social channels, PRONTO!

If you do find a good .com URL make sure to also register the .net and .org so you can redirect them to your main blog.  Also, get on every social network and sign up for the corresponding handle/account.

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