Finding your blogging voice


Who ARE you?  Finding your original blogging voice

What prompted you to start blogging?  Your personal story can help you define your target demographic and pinpoint your audience.  For me, the last blog I started was prompted by a passion for fitness, as well as a desire help others in their fitness journey.  But it went deeper than that.  My dad’s health problems (a real fear of dying young) and the vanity of hating to look “old” at 40 were some of the things that prompted me to get into shape.  Defining your own “WHY” story can help you find your blogging voice.

What motivated you to start your blog?  BE EMOTIONAL. The more raw and personal your story is, the more compelling it will be to others going through the same thing and will set you apart from others. Dig deep within yourself and get to the nitty-gritty of what makes your story unique.

Here are some writing prompts:

  • What were some of the emotions/thoughts running through your mind before you started your blog?
  • What problems were you having that you wanted to fix?
  • What things got in the way of you and your goal, and have you found any solutions?

Use that as a touchpoint for defining your target demographic.  How will your story resonate with others?  Who will it resonate with?  This is your target demographic.  If you can’t personally relate to your demographic, you are at a disadvantage.  Being relatable is what your readers will search out.  How specific you are in defining your audience is up to you.   In my opinion, the more specific you are the better.  It will help you develop content for your site.  It does NOT mean readers outside your demographic won’t be able to relate to you.  When I started my fitness blog, I almost named it “Fit Over 40” but that name was taken already.  Thank goodness!  While that is the audience I generally write for, others outside my demographic have been compelled by my message.

Next, you’ll create your “Writing Persona”.  Think of it as ONE PERSON that fits your target demographic entirely.  Who is this person?  You may even want to name him/her.  Let’s call her Jennifer.  When you write your blog posts, you will be writing with Jennifer in mind.

More writing prompts:

  • What is the demographic of your target audience?  Age, income, education level, etc.?
  • What is their family situation?  Single, married, divorced, kids?
  • What are some of her issues, problems?

EXAMPLE:  Jennifer is 40 years old.  She is married and has two kids at home.  She want to lose the last 15-20 pounds she put on after pregnancy and “get her groove” back.  She doesn’t want to be the frumpy 40-year-old mom.  She wants to feel young, vibrant, and healthy.  She wants to be a role model for her children.  However, her busy lifestyle gets in her way.  Meal planning takes time.  Her kids and husband often don’t like healthy foods.  Who has time to work out?  Jennifer needs easy solutions that fit into her lifestyle.


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