Instagram Color Wheel Post Ideas

How do you find people on Instagram to connect with when you’re involved in network marketing?  It is pretty easy, but typically doesn’t involve talking about your product at all.  It involves being authentically you first, and having your product come second. First of all, creating a compelling instagram following requires you to identify your target… Read More

 Do you describe 2-3 interests  within your niche in your profile? This tells people what to expect when they follow you. Give yourself a point.  Do you have posts about EACH of those interests  in your last 12 posts? Give yourself a point for each one. Do you have a link to your blog, FB… Read More

Five Ways to Build Your Instagram Following (for Fitness Bloggers) Use hashtags on your Instagram images. Generally, 3-5 is good. Below I’ve listed some popular fitness-related hashtags. Create a hashtag for your blog and use it on every fitness-related post. Mine is #beachreadynow. Avoid placing too many hashtags on your image caption. Instead, post them… Read More

Scheduling and Automating Social Media Posts Consistency is one of the keys to building your reputation as a professional blogger.  If someone visits your blog and sees it hasn’t been updated in a week or two, will they think you are a serious about your business?  Likely not.  The same goes for your social media… Read More